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A Shadow from the beach to the pool. 🌊

...from the beach to the pool! All of our hats are versatile and made to adapt both to the beach through their spiral tip, which makes installing them on the sand more practical and easy, and to the pool thanks to their universal rod that adapts to any hat base, making it possible to use the parasol either near the pool, in the garden or on a terrace

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Products designed to last! ♻️

    When we decided to create Sombra, we knew it was imperative to guarantee products with light, resistant and long-lasting structures. Therefore, for our two guards, our first product and brand signature, we invested in a 33mm aluminum rod and 8 fiberglass rods to give strength and stability to the structure. For the cover we chose canvas as it is an extremely resistant and durable fabric. Naturally water resistant, easy to clean and UV/fade resistant. This year we decided to keep all of this, but the fabric is 100% recycled. Not only do we want to be part of all your summers, we want to contribute to the circular economy.

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A large umbrella doesn't have to be heavy or difficult to assemble! 👌

That's right! A large umbrella doesn't have to be heavy. And it doesn't even have to be difficult to want to take something else to the beach and put it together. To help with transport, we guarantee an umbrella whose structure is made of aluminum, and a bag to facilitate transport. To facilitate assembly, we included a spiral tip in the sun hat, to avoid having to use your hands or additional structure. In other words, assembling your shade is now more practical and simple. So the struggles of choosing the poor guy who takes the umbrella, sets it up and stays in the sun after lunch is over! 

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