Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho
Beach Umbrella • Guincho

Beach Umbrella • Guincho

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Discover the Perfect Umbrella and Shade for your summers!

A large, vintage-style umbrella and custom colors. Designed for sunny days and endless summers for the Beach and Garden. Before reserving your place in the shade, find out more about parasols.

1. Ultralight, Strong Construction with Long-Lasting Fabric and UV 50+ Protection

The structure is ultra-light due to the use of aluminum, and strong given the diameter of the rod (32mm) and the 8 fiberglass rods to better fix the coverage, and resist the wind. The canvas fabric was chosen to promote maximum durability of the cover with SPF 50+ protection, waterproof and fade-proof. 

2. Fastening, Assembly, and Transportation System is simplified and extremely convenient!

The bottom rod terminal, in screw, makes fixing it in the sand much easier, and joining the rods is extremely simple and immediate through fitting. In addition, each sun hat comes with a bag with handles, also in Canvas, in a matching color, to hang on the shoulder or use as a backpack. 

3. And there's more! We help ensure shade throughout the day and achieve better storage.

The hat includes a tilt system that allows you to follow the movement of the sun and adjust the shade, as well as a (removable) support for hanging clothes or other accessories.

4. Care for your new parasol to ensure its maximum durability.

Store your umbrella indoors when not in use to preserve it. Avoid the use of chemicals, and clean the rod and cover with soap and water. We do not recommend washing the covering in a machine to preserve the fringes.

Height 2m
Roof 1.9m
Haste 32mm
Weight 3.7 kg

Material Canvas, UV50+, Waterproof
Finishes 100% Organic Cotton
Hardware White painted aluminum
Assembly screw terminal
Inclination System Included 
Support Included for clothing
Bag Yes