Our history


Sombra & Co was born on a summer afternoon at the beach.

This is the story of a couple who moved to a house 10 minutes walk from the beach. She is in love with a place in the sun, and he is in love with sport and the sea. Basically, the perfect combination. It was at that time that they started weekly therapy during their lunch breaks, in which they both escaped from their home office (as a result of the pre-confinement context) with a single destination... While on the one hand it was perfect with the breeze and sound of the sea allowing us to relax, on the other hand it was also the time of greatest sun and heat. If they were to maintain this routine, they understood that they would need to be equipped and protected.

And it was at that moment that they realized that there was not a sufficiently large, quality and beautiful umbrella, nor other equally useful, quality and matching items. In fact, there was a lack of a Portuguese brand that would deliver what they both needed: a kit of beach essentials to spend endless summers from the beginning to the end of the day to create the best memories in their new favorite place. This is how Sombra & Co was born, with the mission of bringing comfort and beautifying (even more) Portuguese beaches.

The brand starts today and contributes to the opening of the bathing season. From now on, you can reserve your place in the shade in the country of 300 days of sun.

 This is a new chapter for all those who live at the beach. <3