There Is No Planet B

More than the material we choose, sustainability is also made of the drastic reduction in the consumption of lower quality goods and products. How many times have we found ourselves buying a sun hat every summer because it always ended up getting rusty, breaking the shafts or not being able to withstand the wind from our wonderful holidays? 

Conscious consumption, quality and durability are our three pillars and that's why we created a sun hat made to last, a windbreaker that resists wind, sea water and sand and beach chairs that will suit you accompany you for many summers - especially because the best summer memories are always in the shade! 

Our shadows are made from recycled canvas, created from plastic bottles that gained a new life and together with an ultra-resistant structure, made from fiberglass, gave origin to our signature shadows.

What are the benefits of using recycled canvas? 

  1. The recycling and production process of our recycled canvas used in our shadows makes them highly durable, resistant and high quality products. >.
  2. Pollution is destroying our planet, and factories are huge contributors to global warming. Our products are made from recycled plastic, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by almost 70% vs the production of conventional sun hats and windscreens.
  3. Recycled canvas allows us to maintain something that we consider fundamental in our products from day one: UV protection against solar rays. Our shadows have a protection factor of +50.

By using our recycled canvas we are also taking care of our oceans, as the production of this fabric uses 90% less water than normal and in addition, recycled plastic bottles do not end up in the ocean.